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Protest rally held against World’s Indigenous People Day in Rangamati

CHT JOURNAL DESK: Aug-08: A protest rally was held against the International Day of World’s Indigenous People at New Court Building area in the town on Thursday.

Under the banner of ‘Sachetan Parbatyabasi’, Parbatya Bangali Chhatra Parishad (PBCP), a platform of Bengali settlers in hills, organised the programme.

Speakers at the rally said there is no existence of indigenous people in Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT). People who have been living in the CHT region for long, including small ethnic minority people, they all are Bangladeshi, not Adivasi (Indigenous).

They claimed that tribal communities in the name of indigenous people are trying to hatch a conspiracy to establish a ‘Jumma Land’ in the region and separated the CHT from the whole Bangladesh.

The activists of regional political parties have been involved in massive extortion, killing and abduction since the beginning in hills, they blamed.

They demanded for immediately stopping of killing, kidnapping and extortion in the region.

Former lady MP and Rangamati district unit Mohila Awami League president Firoza Begum Chinu, Municipal councilor and Pannel Mayor Md. Jamal Uddin and Bellal Hossain Titu, Hazi Zahir Ahmed Saudagor, Anwar Miah Banu, Abdur Shukkur and president of PBCP Jahangir Alam, spoke among others.

Earlier, a rally was took out in the main thoroughfares in the town blocking the main road which led to stopped traffic movement for more than three hours that triggered people sufferings. (chtj/desk report—reproduced or copy/paste would be considered as violation of copy write act and as criminal offense).